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Want More Content From the Farm? 

Become a member today and support our farm-ily

Subscriber benefits

******* subscribers get to see most posts 48hrs before the business page followers and also get exclusive subscriber only photos and videos.

-Annual free farm tour (max 6 people) ($50 value)
-entry in a annual drawing for a free basic farm birthday party
-entry in a annual drawing  for free night stay in farm Airbnb
-entry in a annual drawing  for free highland experience with photos (max 4ppl 13yrs and up)
-Subscribers only Facebook group with-Exclusive weekly videos
Exclusive photos
-Monthly posts in subscribers Facebook group showing 100% financial transparency of subscribers funds income and expenses.
Annual Subsciber only event

Jan 1st of each year we will issue free farm tour certificates and draw annual prize winner.

To be entered you must be a current subscriber and have been a subscriber for at least 6 months.  

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